Dr. Wolfe is an experienced, locally-connected, board certified in pain medicine and committed to providing affordable and effective care.

- MidOhio PainCare


MidOhio PainCare participates in most insurance plans.

Check with the doctor's billing service at 419-765-4004 to make sure the doctor participates in your specific plan.

You may also check with your insurer to see if Dr. Wolfe participates in your specific plan. Your insurer may identify Dr. Wolfe as a provider under their names or they may identify us under our company names, Profesional Anesthesia Associates or MidOhio PainCare or even under our Federal Tax ID 34-1792908.

Some insurances require a specific referral or authorization for seeing the doctor or pre-certification for treatment. Check with your insurance company beforehand if there are any concerns.

In circumstances where the doctor does not participate in your specific insurance plan, out-of-network benefits may still be sufficient. Check with the doctor's billing service with questions.