Dr. Wolfe is accepting new patients; a referral is recommended.

- MidOhio PainCare

Basic Information


Appointments must be made in advance by calling the necessary office.

Mansfield: Patients may call 419-709-8270 to make an appointment with Dr. Wolfe.

Billing Questions

MidOhio PainCare uses a billing service, Cardinal Professional Services, for the billing and collections of medical payments. Payments are also accepted at both office locations.

Patient bills may come from Dr. Wolfe, MidOhio PainCare, or Professional Anesthesia Associates.

Payments can be mailed to 605 S. Trimble Rd., Suite B, Mansfield, OH 44906-4112.

Credit cards, check debit or PayPal may be used by calling the billing service or using the Pay My Bill option on this website.

Billing Service: Cardinal Professional Services, Inc., 2000 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44907

Billing Questions: Call 419-756-4004 or contact via internet.

Mail Payments To: MidOhio PainCare, 605 S Trimble Rd, Ste B, Mansfield, OH 44906


Due to the nature of the practice, MidOhio PainCare does not call in any prescriptions. We have also
discontinued mailing prescriptions for narcotics. Schedule II narcotics like morphine, oxycodone,
hydromorphone, methadone and fentanyl require a physician visit on a monthly basis. These medications
cannot have refills and cannot be written for more than a thirty day supply.

After Hours Contact

In general, the care that is provided is unlikely to result in a need to contact Dr. Wolfe after hours.

Unexpected complications after a procedure or acute changes in a chronic pain condition are best evaluated by
direct assessment and examination, rather than over the telephone. In such cases, a visit to the emergency
department of the closest hospital is advised. The emergency department physician can then contact the Dr. Wolfe directly.

In borderline situations, err on the side of safety and go to the emergency room.